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New name. Same mission: to ease the burdens of financial distress for post-9/11 disabled veterans and their families, helping them transition back home in a productive, meaningful way.

Founded as “Wounded Warriors of South Florida” in 2009, we have proudly built a history and a reputation for placing veterans first.

In 2013, we reorganized, and in 2014 elected our current Board President, and set into motion a path toward our current program structure and mission. Since then, the organization has slowly and thoughtfully expanded services to new regions, and in August 2016, the network grew to include ALL of Florida. That means our network of wounded veterans, which consisted of approximately 35,000 registered disabled veterans who were service-connected post 9/11, has increased by thousands more who may qualify for our assistance.

The 2016 name change to “Wounded Veterans Relief Fund” more accurately distinguishes our brand to reflect our mission, identity and growing network. It also further removed brand confusion with unaffiliated non-profits.

“This is a pivotal time in our organization’s history,” said Mike Durkee, executive director of Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. “We’ve experienced tremendous growth, yet struggled with name and organization confusion, having to clarify who we are, what we do and where we operate. Now, instead of starting conversations with ‘who we are not,’ we can start with the number of veterans and family members we help every day.”

Our name may have changed, but our pledge to our veterans to put them first and keep operating costs down remains. The more we do so, the more funds are available to help wounded veterans.