wounded veterans relief fund mission

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Mission:

The Wounded Veterans Relief Fund mission is to ease the burdens of financial distress for post-9/11 Florida disabled veterans and their families, helping them transition back home in a productive, meaningful way.

When veterans return home, many are wounded both physically and psychologically. The financial burdens they face, waiting for disability payments with little to no income, are often insurmountable without help. Our organization, out of deep respect and first-hand understanding of those challenges, was founded on the commitment to helping veterans through immediate, focused assistance.

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing immediate emergency financial assistance to eligible disabled veterans who have served in the wars and conflicts since 9/11. Founded in 2009, the organization supports eligible service members and their families while maintaining their privacy. In 2015, more than 85 percent of all donated funds went directly toward wounded warriors assistance. Our financial records are maintained by a CPA firm to observe, monitor, and audit financial accounts and for tax preparation and submission. Click here for the most recent filing of our 990.

Headquartered in Lake Park, Florida, the organization works with Florida Veteran Administration facilities to quickly screen and refer veterans in order to offer immediate emergency relief.  Most assistance requests can be processed within 24 -48 hours as completed records are filed and approved.