Wounded Veterans Relief Fund

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund (WVRF) exists to provide emergency financial support to qualified disabled veterans living in Florida. Saving lives and keeping families together is our mission.  WVRF’s Ambassador Program is a key component of our mission and helps keep our limited resources focused on serving our veterans and families.

The WVRF Ambassador Program exists to secure resources and services for Florida Veterans ensuring a successful reintegration into civilian life, workforce, and community.  The WVRF Ambassadors are the recognized champions of Florida Veterans giving hope and support to fellow Veterans by building community relationships, identifying resources, and serving as a bridge for Veterans seeking assistance.

The objectives of our Ambassador Program are to:

  • Build strong relationships with veteran hospitals and veteran service providers to better serve veterans seeking assistance through WVRF and develop community partners to build name recognition and funding opportunities.
  • Becoming a part of WVRF’s Ambassador Program also provides an opportunity to network and build relationships with other veterans across the State of Florida.

WVRF Ambassadors represent the mission, values, and culture of WVRF when in service as a WVRF Ambassador.

Ambassadors are afforded an opportunity to provide expertise and support to local agencies in their organizational performance and service to clients. Volunteers may also:

  • Network with peers and other veterans
  • Learn about issues faced by veterans and WVRF’s role in addressing those issues
  • Build new relationships and community partnerships
  • Contribute to the success of WVRF and our mission
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Current Ambassadors

Jenniffer Norman

Palm Beach Gardens

Nikhol Primm

Fort Pierce  

Pete Viall

Pete Viall


Felix Perez

Felix Perez


Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor

Boca Raton