The Dental Advisory Board was created to assist WVRF in our journey to help our veterans with their critical care dental needs. The board is compiled of Florida based Dentists, a Dental Technician, and a Regional Dental Office Manager. The Dental Advisory Board has been afforded an opportunity to provide expertise and support to our organizational performance and services to our veterans.

  • Why the WVRF Veteran Dental Program is needed 
  • Florida has the 3rd largest veteran population in the U.S. 
  • Over 779,000 veterans are enrolled in the VA system 
  • 92% do not receive dental care 
  • Approx. 716,680 veterans do not receive VA dental care in FL. 
  • For most veterans, dental care is out of their reach 
  • WVRF Veteran Dental Program 
  • A statewide program supporting Veterans who do not receive VA dental 
  • 100% free for the veterans 
  • Providing critical one-time dental care 
  • Working with Dentists and Dental professionals throughout FL 
  • NSU Partnership (state funded) 


Current Dental Advisory Board Members 

Dr. Randall Rodriguez- Torres

Port Saint Lucie

Dr. Tom Roberts

Dr. Tom Roberts

Doctor Fred Norkin

Dr. Fred Norkin

South Florida Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Dr. Zack Kalarickal

Wesley Chapel