WVRF’s Dental Assistance Program

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund’s dental program provides critical dental care to our veterans who do not qualify for VA dental coverage.

Our Vision

All veterans in the state of Florida should have access to dental services to remain healthy, boost overall self-esteem, and have an increased chance of successful career placement. These factors are a vital component to the successful transition of our Veterans into civilian life.

The Program

Currently Wounded Veterans Relief Fund is providing dental care to veterans in Palm Beach County, Florida who qualify for assistance.

Our Goal

To expand the program to provide immediate dental support to veterans throughout the state of Florida.

Why we are providing dental services

  • A veteran must be at 100% disabled or have a service-connected dental injury in order to receive free dental services through the VAMC
  • Florida has the third highest veteran population in our nation (1.5 + Million veterans)
  • Only 8% of our veterans are receiving dental care through the VA system
  • Currently there is a large back log of veterans waiting for necessary dental services
  • Dental health is vital to one’s overall wellbeing proper dental care can reduce heart attacks by 35%
  • Proper dental care will increase self-esteem and increase chances for job placement

Do you qualify for assistance?

  • You must be a Florida resident currently living
    in Florida
  • You must have a 10% or more service connected disability or pending a service connection claim
  • You must be an honorably discharged veteran
  • You must complete the WVRF application with your VA social worker

If you meet the basic criteria above, please reach out to your assigned VA social worker. *WVRF unfortunately does not assist with long-term routine dental care.