COVID-19 Response

Since the beginning of COVID-19 we have strived to keep our community, our staff, and our families safe. This has meant keeping limited in-person client interaction to process every veteran and assisting all requests that are brought to our organization via the use of technology such as email, phone, and fax. As an organization, several adjustments have been made to how we operate this past year but, through these adjustments, we have been able to achieve our previous turn-around time of 24-72 hours. It has been some time since the pandemic began and while there have been many efforts to aid the public financially, there is still a great deal of financial worry. We want to let our veterans know; Wounded Veterans Relief Fund continues to work diligently and keep the prevention of veteran-homelessness on the forefront of what we do.


  1. Must be a Florida Resident living in Florida.
  2. Be a Purple Heart recipient or have a 30% + service connected disability  or pending service connection claim. (Combat or Non-Combat eligible)
  3. Honorably discharged veteran.
  4. Must be referred by the VA.
  5. Must complete the WVRF application and VA Release Of Information (ROI) with your VA Social Worker. Contact the VA Sunshine Healthcare Network – VA Sunshine Healthcare Network


  1. Contact your local VAMC, OPC, CBOC, or VET CENTER and inform them you would like to apply for assistance through our organization
  2. Complete and sign the WVRF application along with VA’s Release of information
  3. Provide documentation of the most recent bills. Please attach all Leases, 3-day notices, and ANY supporting documents which we can use to verify the amount owed and who it is made payable to

– Documentation must include: account #’s, PIN #’s, and creditor contact information (including landlords)

– Once we receive your completed application and supporting documents we will contact you via email within 48-72 hours.

– In order for this process to be expedited, we need your full cooperation.

WVRF does not assist with payments of: tickets, personal loans, or credit card bills. We pay creditors directly. Each request is evaluated on a case by case basis. WVRF reserves the right to deny assistance.