Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Pledge to Veterans:

wounded veterans relief fund pledge to veteransWe promise to be responsible, and to put you first. Your needs and your privacy are top-of-mind in all that we do. We invite veterans to look at how we are spending funds.

While there is no obligation to lend your voice publicly, for those veterans who would like to help spread the word, your presence is invaluable. Your voice can help us elevate this cause. Any veteran willing to help promote our work within the veteran community is encouraged to contact the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund team to get more involved.

Our mission is to ease the burdens of financial distress for post-9/11 Florida disabled veterans and their families, helping them transition back home in a productive, meaningful way. Wounded Veterans Relief Fund provides immediate temporary emergency financial assistance to disabled veterans who have served in the wars and conflicts since 9/11. The program supports eligible service members and their families while maintaining their privacy. The organization works with Florida Veteran Administration (VA) facilities to screen and refer veterans. Financial support is provided for basic needs, including food, gas, mortgage, rent and utility payments, auto payments and repairs, transportation, wheelchair lifts, moving expenses, temporary or transitional housing and more. Learn more about Wounded Veterans Relief Fund.

In honor of those who came together in acts of heroism and bravery, sacrificing for our country in the years that followed Sept. 11, 2001, please consider contributing $11 on the Eleventh of each month. To learn more about Wounded Veterans Relief Fund donation program – $11 on 11 click here.