Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Veterans Assistance Services:

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund supports veterans in the Florida who served post-9/11 in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation New Dawn (OND), as well as their spouses and families. Our network of referring Veterans Administration locations now serves all of Florida.  As our network grows, we are able to provide more veterans with the immediate, focused assistance they deserve.

Immediate needs are the first priority for Wounded Veterans Relief Fund veterans assistance. We help pay rent to avoid eviction, utility payments keeping the lights on, even paying for transportation so a veteran can visit an ailing relative. In extreme cases we cover costs for temporary housing in lieu of the family living in their car.

Our program relies exclusively on referrals sent by our Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Center network. Wounded Veterans Relief Fund provides financial support in two ways: through case-based crisis intervention, assisting with emergency-specific needs, and through pre-paid Visa debit cards (worth $50) to Veteran Administration facilities in Florida which are distributed by VA caseworkers at their discretion to support essential needs.

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Veterans Assistance Impact:

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Veterans AssistanceThe Wounded Veterans Relief Fund veterans assistance network continues to grow. Since our fundraising began, we have seen year on year increases of 33%-59% in revenue. Our assistance network has also seen expansion and growth. As of the end of September 2016, we have helped over 7500 people consisting of Wounded veterans and their family.  Monthly, that is an average of approximately 250 people, and that number continues to rise. Statewide Florida is experiencing Wounded Veteran post 9/11 population growth ranging from 3% to 12 % in the different VA regions annually. In some areas the  female post 9/11 wounded veteran population is outgrowing the male population.

In August, 2016 we expanded our coverage to include veterans assistance in the entire state of Florida, supporting 32 separate VA locations. Our footprint also includes portions of South Georgia and parts of Mississippi where registered Wounded Veterans in those areas report to Florida based Veteran Administration facilities.

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Veterans Assistance Promise:

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Veterans Assistance

We promise to grow wisely and keep administrative costs as low as possible by ensuring overhead and fundraising expenses are kept to a minimum. We are a metric-driven organization. Using project and donor management software, we are driven by hard data for short and long term decisions.

In 2015, more than 85 percent of all donated funds went directly toward wounded warriors assistance. Our financial records are maintained by a CPA firm to observe, monitor, and audit financial accounts and for tax preparation and submission. Click here for the most recent filing of our 990.